We are now in our38th year since opening on the 15th of September 1981, and even in
these difficult days somehow we are doing fine but we need more guests.
The name of this house " Happon ", which sounds like Spanish, came from the
nickname of actor "Hatsuo Yamaya" who opened this place 37 years ago.

Now the Happon is operated by the 2nd generation owner who is called
"Dai-chan" which may mean fat man.
Regular guests here are rather aged around 50 but at Live Music night, there
are also a lot of cheerful young people and ladies.

Prices here are quite reasonable, 1000Yen table charges, and then drinks from
430Yen, foods from 430Yen.
Bottles of whisky from 4860Yen can be kept for months, Ice 320Yen and so on.

Once you keep a bottle of Whisky , then 1320 Yen would be fine to stay here
for a couple of hours to enjoy the atmosphere and/or play music if you like.

There is a music charge at Live Music night and the charge depends on the Player of the night.

Live Music are mainly " Country and Western " and " Chanson",
but there are also Japanese Folk Songs, and others.
Rattle Snake Annie plays here once a year regularly at Sakura time in April since 5 years ago.

She composed and sings a song " Kunitachi " , the name of our City, for the
guests of "Happon" as she loves Happon, Sakura and Kunitachi.

Other overseas musicians who played here were Jerry Byrd, B.J.Clayton,
Dowitt Scott, Goe Edward, and Charlie Louvin.

Regular Japanese Players are
Jimmy Tokita, Yoshio Ohno, Keiichi Teramoto, Yuki Miyamae, Tommi Fujiyama,
Miya Ishida, Takashi Kanahira and etc. beside country music, there are many
varieties of programs and Hako Yamazaki, a famous Japanese singer, also plays here.

25 regular seats are here but up to 40 are available with extra seats.
Guitar amplifier 5 sets, Base amp., 4 microphones, DI Box, Dram Set, and Piano
are available for guests. Parties can be arranged from 3,800Yen per person..

You are very welcome to visit this nice place in this nice town, by chance there
may be some English speaking guests.

3 minutes on foot from South Exit of JR Kunitachi Station, at ASAHI-Dori street
in front of NTT office, 2nd Floor

From Masamitsu Ohshima ( Dai-chan)
TEL : 042-572-8888,
Ichikawa Bldg. 2 F, Higashi 1-15-32, Kunitachi 186-0002,
Tokyo. Japan